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Whatever your needs, I aim to offer you my expertise and motivation to achieve your personal goals.

Train Hard, But smart!

Results are my goal with every client ,the only reason to fail is if you do not follow my nutrition and exercise plan.Your training is carried out in my personal studio ,within my property, so you don't have the worry of being in a over crowded gym it's just one to one professional training and advice. My belief is too offer affordable fitness so having a pt isn't just for the wealthy ...failure is not an option!

Personal Trainer In Northamptonshire

“Most people’s health and weight problems originate because they live to eat rather than eating to live.”

I am a fully qualified personal trainer: BA Sports and Recreation + Y.M.C.A Fitness Award + Adv. PT Dip + BSY Nutrition. I believe in offering constantly changing & evolving exercise routines to ensure continual progress & alleviate boredom! Weight management, Fat/inch loss, Boxing training, Nutrition, Core strength, Muscle building, Run club, Boot camp.

I specialise in all aspects of fitness including:

Muscle Gain

Build your muscle mass fast and effectively. Learn to do it the right way learn from a professional.


A well-balanced diet is the most important requirement for healthy living. Good nutrition helps reduce our risk of getting a large number of diseases, from diabetes to heart disease.

Weight loss

There are many different ways to loss weight, But its one thing to loss weight and another to keep it off. Learn to do it the right way learn from a professional.

One to One Boxing

I offer one to one boxing training for those looking for a serious workout!