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Massive Thank you to Anthony Mann who expertly led the 2nd Year Drama students through physical tests and a training routine yesterday. Anthony inspired physical confidence within each student, created a relaxed and energized atmosphere underpinned by John Medina’s (2008) philosophical framework that “exercise boosts brain power”. Anthony will return each term so lets see how the before and after photos document the Drama Physical Journey. 3 sleeps till its your turn 3rd Year Drama!!!

University of Northampton: Avenue campus.

You have been inspirational!!
Thanks Alot!!

Although someone stupidly went and got themselves pregnant too early, I am absolutely thrilled with my fitness, weight-loss and much more toned body. I absolutely have you to thank and would in no way have achieved this without you!

Thank You!

Love Carly x

When I trained with Anthony I lost almost 2 stone in 2 month.He really understood my lifestyle and created a plan that suited my personally,plus he really cares about his clients,so I knew that eating a cheeky chocolate eclair wouldn’t just let me down it would let him down too (RHEA local labour candidate)

‘You’ve managed to shift even the most stubborn of us towards better fitness – like enthusiastic washing powder!’ (KAY – BOOT CAMP CONVERT)
I was recommended to Anthony by a friend as I had tried various workout routines and classes at my local gym with no real results and was struggling with motivation.Over the past year of training with Anthony I’ve felt stronger and fitter.Every training session is like a breath of fresh air knowing someone genuinely wanted to help me lose weight and get fitter,not just training but healthy eating and diet advice as well.After every session I can’t wait to go back for more hard work !!!! I happily endorse and recommend Anthony to anyone who is having trouble losing weight and need the willpower and motivation to keep you going and not give up on their ultimate personal fitness goals – get involved people !!!! You want regret it…….(AMY 23 )

Sunday Boot Camp Workouts

‘You have motivated me to achieving things I never thought possible (at least not for me). I initially entered the Northampton Run to raise money for The Lowdown but since then, you have inspired & encouraged me to continue increasing my fitness levels, eat more healthily & lose a significant amount of weight – it’s been tough but at the same time fun. With your support, a few of us also managed to train for & complete a Half Marathon earlier this year. I truly believe I would not have been able to achieve all this without your input, so a massive thanks to you for this, plus the amazing impact you have had on The Lowdown’s profile and subsequent fundraising’ (KEVIN – TEAM LOWDOWN)

‘I find it hard to believe how much support & enthusiasm there has been for ‘Team Lowdown’ – who said exercise can’t be fun! You have made my job as Co-Ordinator an absolute dream – always willing to help in whatever way you can to support & grow our team’ (RICHARD – LOWDOWN FUNDRAISING)