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The Benefits of Water

The benefits of WATER:

  • composes 75% of your brain
  • regulates your body temperature
  • makes up 83%  of your blood
  • removes waste
  • composes 22% of your bones
  • cushions your joints
  • helps carry nutrients and oxygen to your cells
  • moistens oxygen for breathing
  • helps convert food to energy
  • protects and cushions your vital organs
  • helps the body absorb nutrients
  • makes up 75% of your muscles

……………how can you resist it now?

For the best results, it is important to try and drink around 2 litres a day.


MYTH – If I’m exercising, then I can eat whatever I like.

FACT-Exercising regularly doesn’t give you a free pass to pig out. Sure it’s fine to indulge every now and then, but eating junk all the time will hinder your workouts and your health, no matter how much you train. Remember it’s about being healthy on the inside too. The best foods to fill you up when you are trying to lose weight are unrefined and low or moderate on the glycaemic index, such as porridge, pasta, noodles, couscous, pulses, sweet potatoes, basmati rice. They effectively control hunger as they are absorbed slowly into the blood stream and help to maintain your blood sugar.
benefits of water